Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finding a friend has never been so easy!

Friend Tracker:

Want to find where your friends are whenever they call you to go out? Want to find where your child is whenever he is out of sight?

Friend Tracker makes it easy to find your friends. It includes a friends list which you can update by adding/removing friends, and blocking them if you do not want them to locate you. In addition, the app is not for spying. If you can see your friend on a map, he can see you as well!

First, you need to register. You need to provide a username, name, and password

Fig. 1: Android version (above) iPhone version (below)

After logging in, you can see your main page

Fig. 2: Android version (above) iPhone version (below)

In your main page, you can choose to add a friend, confirm a pending friend request, see your online friends on a map, and edit friends by blocking/unblocking/deleting them. In addition, the Enable Location button allows you to activate your location, so your friends can see you on a map.

If there are friends online, you can see them on a map. Your location and his will be displayed.

Fig. 3: Android version (above) iPhone version (below)

As such, you can always meet your friends and never get lost when they want you to meet them at a certain location.

The app is available on Android for free. You can find it by searching "Locate your Friend on a Map" under the author Toufik_Zitouni. The app is also available on the iPhone. You can find it by searching "friendtracker" on the App Store.